Job Shop

A range of services that facilitate the details of a product’s journey from prototype to batch production; be it fabrication of a designed part, reverse engineering or modification of a part or even PCB production of multiple layers!

Mentoring & Consultation

A technical service that spans over a wide range of backgrounds from individuals to students to even automated factories, corporates, hardware-oriented startups, and hardware-oriented SMEs.

IoT & Electronics Services

With dedicated spaces for both IoT and electronics, we offer the technical support required to execute ideas, work on novel hardware, and get creative.


One of our main goals is to create a collaborative ecosystem of electronics-enthusiasts and professionals, where people learn and give back to the community, which is why we meticulously designed 3 different programs.


A 3-4 days program focused on mastering specific skills.


A paid period of 2-3 months where interns work on actual projects and can be referred to work with us or to our network of connections.


An intensified period 2-6 months where students master specific tracks that promote them as “market-ready”.

Co-Working Space

A membership-based space that promotes focus and dedication, where everyone maintains a collaborative ecosystem of exchanging reliable knowledge based on divergent technical backgrounds.

Let's Collaborate

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