Cairo’s Fully-Equipped Electronics Hub For Techies.

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Egypt Makes Electronics (EME) is a national strategic initiative to foster
electronics industry to be one of the main drivers of national economic growth,
and position Egypt as the regional hub for electronics manufacturing and world
destination of choice for electronics design and innovation.


Who We Are

Sector B5 is a part of ITIDA’s Egypt Makes Electronics initiative to support the growth of the hardware community in Egypt as well as provide it with all its required tools and machines to make a more innovative Egypt. We aim to facilitate creating a clear bridge from idea to product by being instructors to those with little to no experiences in technical fields, assistants to fairly experienced makers, and supervisors or advisors to those who need us in their journeys of innovation.

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What We Do

We aim to create a bridge of knowledge and experience on the different types of machinery, tools, and how to use them. The hardware community is steadily growing and it is only a matter of time for startup owners and people without prior technical experiences to immerse themselves into creating their own products and/or prototypes, which is why Sector B5 planned and designed a place that brings all needed requirements for entire projects to be made by their visionaries and masterminds.

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Sector B5

Smart Village, Bldg# B5، Alexandria Desert Rd, 12577

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